Our Partners


Tripwire is a leading installer of HKC intruder alarms. HKC is an Irish company, established over two decades ago to serve the growing needs of the Irish security market and since then has been successfully serving  the sector and are now market leaders. The company has a proven track record and is trusted by installers and specifiers.

HKC is now a growing force in the UK, a market it entered in 2011 and has rapidly become a trusted brand delivering high quality, value for money, intruder alarm products..

The Company is renowned for its range of electronic security products, including wired, hybrid, and wireless security control panels and is also a significant manufacturer of communicators, keypads, internal sounders, external sounders, detectors, personal safety devices and power supplies.

HKC has, since 1990, manufactured the SecureWatch range of wired control panels complete with a suite of detection and warning devices. In 2010, to meet growing market demand, the Company launched SecureWave – its new two-way wireless technology platform to complement its extensive range of wired systems.

HKC has a proven track record and is trusted by both alarm system installers and specifiers in providing excellent innovative solutions at a competitive price.

HKC’s vision is to build on that track record and create world class products for new markets.