Wireless Alarms

SecureWave_Wide_Aspect_604_660xautoWith our HKC Quantum wireless alarm there is no need for cables or wires. All wireless detectors use long life lithium batteries. We can offer wireless contacts, wireless shock sensors, wireless PIRs and wireless external sirens as part of a wireless alarm system.

What does wireless mean?

Wireless means that the main control panel/keypad requires wiring into a power source but apart from that all other devices can be wireless.

A power source could be the electrical fuse board in your hall way or a plug socket.  All sensors on windows and doors can be wireless. That means that they will operate by battery and send radio signals back to the main control panel. For example, if a burglar bangs on the patio door, the wireless shock sensor on the door will send a signal back to activate the alarm. The control panel will then send a signal to the external siren outside the house which will start to ring and flash. The wireless sensors will last for several years without battery changes. When the time comes to change a battery a message will appear on the main control panel and you can contact us to arrange a callout and full service.

Why HKC Quantum wireless?

The HKC Quantum control panel/keypad is capable of handling both wired and wireless devices. It’s also compatible with all forms of alarm monitoring, including a built in text and voice message dialler. If you don’t have a landline you can use a GSM module to receive messages from the system. HKC have introduced a unique 2 way signalling system which means the battery life in the sensors is about 3 years.